• Geoff Sykes

    I saw this video on Facebook so I came here to check out your website! Pretty cool!

  • Simon Moon Bruce

    You site the studies, please can you put up links to them, I’m curious and would like to read them. Your words sound scientifically viable, but having the evidence to back it up would be appreciated. Simply put state your evidence.

  • Erandi Zarigüeya

    Great! Thanks for sharing the links below with the evidence!

  • Umar Atallah Khan

    Great vids and website. Really glad I stumbled across this

  • Brilliant!

  • Brown_Dog

    Just did a workshop for college faculty that links Edward DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats to William Perry’s highest stages of thinking and the role of raw emotions — “red hat thinking” in preventing our getting out of our own way to reach the highest levels of thinking in making the best decisions. Your video depicts this beautifully in a way so simple that even a child can understand it. Briiiant!!

  • Eric Christenson

    Can you post a transcript? I can’t hear!

  • David Hubbard

    well done my friend! Very impressed with the bits of wisdom and the efficient and entertaining way you bring it all together. Keep up your good work!

  • David Hubbard

    PS: i wish there was a way to share this other than on social media sites. I’d love to include this on my website