Hi, I’m Alex Cequea! I’m the founder/CEO of Social Good Now, and a Producer at Act.tv.

My animated videos consistently get millions of views (over 100 million views in 2017!), and they’re regularly shared by people like Senator Bernie SandersGeorge Takei, and featured in places like TED and Upworthy.

I do all script writing, video production, illustration, narration, and animation myself 🙂

Contacting me: 
If you’d like to partner on branded videos (via act.tv), just shoot me an email at alex@socialgoodnow.com. We partner with a select group of progressive organizations/companies every year to help them reach a much wider audience online.

If you’d like to get together for a drink, email me at alex@socialgoodnow.com. I travel a lot, so I might be in your neighborhood today!

You can also find me on Linkedin or Twitter @alexcequea.

For Media/Press inquiries, here’s my short bio:
Alex Cequea is a producer at Act.tv and the founder of Social Good Now. He highlights social issues through short animated videos. Alex’s animated videos have been seen by over 100 million people and shared by people like Senator Bernie SandersGeorge Takei, and featured in places like TED and Upworthy.

Stay awesome,


PS: Check out my TEDx talk!

  • dr patz

    I just watched your “why facts don’t…” video and it would be great to use in my college classroom. You mention a couple of things as – this is what happens.. Do you have a source for these comments or is this something you have concluded from your own observations, experiences, etc. ? I ask because I would like to consult the sources and learn from them and because using this in a classroom without a way to substantiate content is difficult. thanks. Great work.

  • Monica Torres

    I absolutely love your analyses and visuals. I am also a college professor and believe we will one day have unity. You are taking a big step now to help that along. So thank you, and yes if I were visiting you, I would give you a hug. 🙂

  • Monica Torres

    Also, I want you to check out my cousin. She is also using art and media to expand our humanity. https://www.facebook.com/mm1msy?hc_ref=ARRTISnF_OEw7YqqZJB33w3YWHX0g_HQpgQ78XchkUnYdc4tpSyhD-36ugydLuuqynI# She is the granddaughter of my first cousin. Intelligent, funny, proactive, and community minded. Just like you. 🙂